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retirement planning
Retirement Planning (n. - definition) - a course of action taken that includes: (1) establishing a retirement income goal,
(2) gathering information about potential sources of post retirement income, and (3) using the information to determine if projected cash flow is adequate to meet and protect one's needs, as well as the needs of one's family, after retirement.
retirement Planning

Retirement Plan
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401k Simple
Defined Benefit Plan
Money Purchase Pension Plan
Profit Sharing Plan
Roth IRA
Simple IRA
Teacher Retirement

Guides Online:

401k Rollover
Cafeteria Plan Sec 125
Charitable Foundation
Charitable Trusts
Deferred Compensation
Donor Advised Funds
Elliott Wave Analysis
Estate Planning
Fee Based Financial Planning
Hedge Funds
Investment Services Advice
Margin Trading
Money Management
Money Market Savings Account
Mutual Fund Investment Advice
Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds at NAV
Omnibus Account
Payroll Deduction
Pooled Income Fund
Prime Brokerage
Roth IRA Conversions
Rule of 72
Stock Trading
Systematic Trading
Tax Exempt Money Market
Tax Free Mutual Funds
Variable Annuity

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  • 401a - a retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code that enables a school district employer to offer teacher employees additional incentive and matching benefits.

  • 401k - an employer sponsored qualified retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code that enables employees to save money in a tax deferred manner.

  • 401k rollover - a process provided by the Internal Revenue Code that allows an individual to withdraw funds from a 401k plan and transfer it to another specified retirement account without a tax cost.

  • Simple 401k - a retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code that does not require the complex deferral and matching tests under traditional 401k plans.

  • 403b - a retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code that enables employees of non profit organizations to defer salary on a tax free basis.

  • 412i - a fixed benefit insured retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code that is funded exclusively by life insurance policies or fixed annuities.

  • 414(h) - a retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code specifically designed for government - public employees.

  • 457 - a non qualified retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code that enables governmental employees to defer compensation on a tax free basis.

  • 457(f) - a supplemental executive retirement plan named after a section of the Internal Revenue Code used in the not-for-profit community sector.

  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan - an employer sponsored plan that allows employees to obtain a selection of benefits on a pretax basis.

  • Charitable Foundation - an entity created and funded to contribute to various charitable causes of the entity's own choosing.

  • Charitable Trust - a legal vehicle that enables the grantor at some time in the future or at death to direct contributed assets to selected charities.

  • Deferred Compensation - in general, a non qualified plan in which a company or organization gives an unsecured promise to pay a future benefit to one or more selected employees.

  • Defined Benefit Plan - an employer funded retirement plan that provides a fixed annual benefit to an employee determined by the plan's benefit formula.

  • Donor Advised Funds - a fund used for charitable giving that simplifies donations to a giver's favorite charities while obtaining favorable tax benefits.

  • ESOP - an employer sponsored program that allows employees to obtain stock in their employer's company.

  • Estate Planning - the process of planning the transfer of all personal assets at death to chosen beneficiaries in a manner that minimizes taxes and probate costs.

  • Fee Based Financial Planning - fee only financial advice that includes: (1) establishing income and asset goals to meet long term needs, (2) gathering information about risk tolerance, and (3) using the information to select appropriate investment, insurance, education funding, retirement and estate plans.

  • Hedge Fund - a fund established for accredited (wealthy) individuals and institutions that employs aggressive trading strategies that are generally unavailable to mutual funds.

  • Investment Services Advice - in general, financial advice is given by placing assets under the direct discretionary control of a professional Registered Investment Adviser (also called a "money manager").

  • IRA - an individual retirement account that provides tax deferred growth plus tax deductability to certain eligible taxpayers.

  • Margin Trading - the use of leverage in a brokerage account where a firm lends additional monies that are secured by the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in the account.

  • Money Management - active professional management of an investment portfolio that utilizes one or more trading styles or strategies.

  • Money Market Savings Account - an account or fund that invests in short term instruments...seeking to maximize current income while maintaining stability of principal.

  • Money Purchase Pension Plan - a tax qualifed retirement plan in which the employer contributes a formula determined amount each year on behalf of each participant.

  • Mutual Fund Investment Advice - active professional management of an investment portfolio of mutual funds that utilizes one or more trading styles or strategies.

  • Mutual Fund - a company that combines the money of many investors and invests it into a portfolio of stocks, bonds and/or other assets.

  • Mutual Funds at NAV - some mutual fund companies offer their load mutual funds to large investors at Net Asset Value (NAV).

  • Omnibus Account - an account offered to broker dealer firms and banking organizations that provides security execution services.

  • Payroll Deduction Plan - a voluntary after tax salary reduction plan offered by an employer to conveniently fund certain investing plans available to employees.

  • Pooled Income Fund - an investment fund used in charitable gifting in which the investor (or named recipients) receives income for life and the remainder is irrevocably given to charity.

  • Prime Brokerage Account - a brokerage account providing execution and other financial services for individuals and institutions in the investment business.

  • Profit Sharing Plan - a tax qualifed retirement plan in which flexible contributions are made soley by and at the discretion of the employer.

  • Roth IRA - a retirement account funded by nondeductible contributions in which growth and distributions are generally tax free to eligible participants.

  • Roth IRA Conversion - the procedure established by the Internal Revenue Code that is used by a taxpayer to convert his/her regular IRA into a Roth IRA.

  • Rule of 72 - a simplified method to calculate the length of time that it takes money to double at a certain interest rate.

  • SEP IRA - a Simplified Employee Pension retirement plan designed with simplifed adminstrative rules for self-employed individuals and small business owners.

  • Simple IRA - an employer sponsored retirement plan that is designed for small businesses with less than 100 employees.

  • Stock Trading - the buying and selling of exchange-listed or OTC (Over the Counter) stocks through a NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers) regulated broker dealer.

  • Systematic Trading - a method of long term asset accumulation in which funds are regularly added to an investment account and purchases made without regard to market timing.

  • Tax Exempt Money Market Mutual Fund - a fund that seeks current income exempt from federal income tax that is also consistent with preserving principal and liquidity.

  • Tax Free Mutual Fund - a fund with investments that produce income that is tax free from federal income tax and, depending upon one's state of residence, may be exempt from state and local taxes.

  • Teacher Retirement Plan - a retirement plan for teachers providing salary deferral on a tax favored basis under Internal Revenue Code section 403b.

  • Variable Annuity - a contract issued by an insurance company that provides a nonguaranteed varying rate of return on its underlying investments.

  • VEBA (Voluntary Employee Benefits Association) - a flexible tax favored vehicle that accumulates assets to pay the health related expenses of employees, retirees, and their dependents.

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