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Prime Brokerage Account
Prime Brokerage Account (n. - definition) - a brokerage account providing execution and other financial services for individuals and institutions in the investment business.
Prime Brokerage Account

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Advisory Services:
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Retirement Plans Advisor

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How should you manage your retirement money in a BEAR Market?

  • Prime Brokerage Accounts are available for hedge funds, endowments, foundations, partnerships, private family offices and Pension funds.

  • Prime Brokerage Accounts provide centralized Domestic and Foreign Securities Processing

  • Prime Brokerage Accounts are provided Domestic and Foreign Securities lending and borrowing facilities, Portfolio Reports, Realized Gain/Loss Monthly Performance by Asset Level, Portfolio Appraisal By Tax Lot, Income and Expense by Account Summary, many other Portfolio Evaluations Techniques.

  • Prime Brokerage Accounts are provided financing – creative financing/margin borrowing and competitive short interest rebates.

  • Prime Brokerage Accounts receive: Daily Risk Control Reports.

  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager.

  • Uploads and downloads available to most portfolio systems.

  • Online access to data.

  • Ability to execute trades in over 72 countries, including securities that are Euro Clear and Cedel eligible.

  • All assets held are 100% insured.

  • Prime Brokerage on-line execution services are offered to accounts domiciled in all of the 50 states, and in most foreign countries.

  • All accounts have direct access to the latest order entry technology.

  • All orders are placed directly through your own order desk.

  • DVP accounts available and or accounts can be held.

  • Real Time client account inquiry is provided.

  • Online access to research is provided.

  • Portfolio system support is provided

  • Flexible Volume and pricing schedule.

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